trcarter (Ideas Man)10:28:27pmwhy dont we as a group buy our own land area?
trcarter (Ideas Man)10:29:38pmwhat im proposing is to have a tab where we donate some of the peds eant from this site into a group account, it will be tracked on the pedtoclick site with weekly updates on who has given what, and when there is enough peds to buy a land area who ever donated will get a % ownership of that land area
trcarter (Ideas Man)10:30:38pmthen when we go hunting mining walking or what ever, the rewards go to the pedtoclick community rather then feeding other groups and owners. and feel free to expand on the idea
Kips12:51:00amsounds awesome ill'd be up for that
Kips12:51:31amwe would need a good spot thoe
trcarter3:25:01amNot sure if the spot will matter, i think its more what mobs are on the island, have 3 areas one with low, med and high, and maybe a walking and sweating area
Kips3:59:39amyou on+
paul5:34:59amThat sounds like an awesome idea
trcarter8:19:38amHey Kips ill login
trcarter8:20:11amyou know whats funny when you chatted before I didnt even think to pay you
kileras19:57:47amIm on to it
Nordmann3:54:11pmthird survey i take in 24 hours and not credited nothing.... what 2 do? Third time i took a screenshot.... using Firefox
dbug6:49:37pm@carter, this would require some definite planning.
dbug6:50:08pmbut funding from members would defiantly allow in a profit share on the LA to everyone
trcarter (LA IdeasMan)7:14:29pm@dbug - yeah thats what im thinking and would want to use to keep track of it some how, as for managing it im thinking we do it as a board of managers, 3 really experienced players and 8 of the highest contributers, majority rules style
trcarter (LA IdeasMan)7:15:06pmand from what i have read and see, we will need about 200k peds to get a good LA... also thinking low to med mobs so even beginners can join a team and hunt
trcarter (LA IdeasMan)7:38:27pmas for payments, there will be a spread sheet with everyones ownership %, each week on the friday night, NY time, the tax revenue and other income will be tallied up and divided to each play, then any withdraw requests will be processed.
trcarter (LA IdeasMan)7:39:10pmthe profit of the LA will first be targeted at getting buildings on there such as Teleporters and shops, they are expencive, I heard a TP is $7500 usd
trcarter (LA IdeasMan)7:39:48pmand when the shop is fully kitted out then players from pedtoclick can choose to have shops in the houses and such but at a cost (will be fair)
trcarter (LA IdeasMan)7:39:54pmok fire away with thoughts
Kips1:19:59amI'm really excited
Kips1:21:16amBefore long we'll own all of calypso lol
Kips1:26:28amso im not sure if you get loot or its in ped and if in loot
some loots will have higher markup so how would we share it evenly or however?
atha7:01:49amthat's interesting idea.. but will there be more ways to earn peds for people that can't see videos and still want to invest?
kileras17:06:15amYe, for some peope only ptcwall is avilable sadly
Frostcaller11:52:49amhey , any1 on caly for withdrawl ?
Nordmann1:28:23pmI dont get paid anymore doing surveys..... have you guys stopped it or what is going on? Fid a new 1 today... said i earned 340 pec nut nada in my balance
sparklii 11:15:53pmla land for pec play sound good how will we get a slice
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