PED To Click
Frequently Asked Questions
» How do I create advertisements?
Purchase ad credits then click the Account tab on the header, under settings is the Advertiser Panel.
» Payment account?
Set your payment account in your profile as your full Avatar Name in Entropia Universe.
You can do so at: under PED Withdrawal.
» How do I withdraw?
All payments to users are done through in-game trade in Entropia Universe. Visit the withdraw section under the My Account tab on the menu. Payments are processed on set dates shown on the page, or when I am available online for payment at random times, also shown on the withdraw page.
» How do I use the "Earn PED" Tab?
When clicking the advertisements, wait for the bar at the top to fill completely. Then look carefully and select the image that is upside down, you will earn only if you pick the correct image. This is an anti-botting measure.
» How do I earn PED using this site?
You can earn PED by viewing Advertisements, completing surveys or offers, watching videos, completing tasks, and more.
» My advertisements are not running, why?
Make sure you assign credits to them and get them aproved by an admin. It takes a maximum 24 hours for approval but is usually much shorter.
» Why am I not earning from Referrals?
You earn 20% of a referrals clicks, however you only earn that if you click at least 3 ads the same day. The referral money will be given the next day when the ads reset if you have clicked 3 ads.
» What is PED?
The currency in Entropia Universe is called PED (Project Entropia Dollar). 10 PED equals 1 US$. The PED currency is used when making transactions within the virtual universe.

In order to obtain PED you can either work within the virtual universe, on this website, or you can make a DEPOSIT using one of many secure transaction systems offered by Entropia Universe. For instance by using a payment card. This may be done either through the Entropia Universe Account Pages or through the EU Transfer Center.

You may also WITHDRAW PED from Entropia Universe to your real-life bank account, using the Entropia Unvierse Account Pages or the EU Transfer Center. We do not allow you to transfer your PED earned on this site to your bank account however, it must go through Entropia Universe.
» I didn't get paid for an offer!
Please report the bad offers to Matomy. They are pretty good at getting you the credit you deserve. Their offers are not affiliated with the website so I cannot confirm them, but if you take a screenshot to prove you did it and send it to Matomy they will ensure you get the credit.

If you are worried about downloads, just refrain from the offer section. The rest of the website requires nothing for you to download.

» How do I earn more while sweating with PEDtoClick?
What I mean when I say a user can earn more sweating is that the user has the ability to play Entropia Universe in Window mode, while using my website to earn additional PED, multitasking.
Here is a guide I made regarding the subject. 
"Add auto-use tool to your desktop or set it to a key. Press “Y” to open up the action menu and search for ‘auto’ to find it. Next you are going to want to play in window mode.
Then you can simply browse while sweating in game. Click advertisements while sweating and you can multiply the profits! The good sweater makes 10 cents an hour sweating, or 1 ped, using this website you can easily make that in a matter of minutes rather than an hour!"