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Radioloyalty added
Published on 08-10-2016
Radioloyalty has been added as a new earning option!
New Management
Published on 24-09-2014
New Management is trying to remedy some issues with site please be patient if you do have a problem you  can catch reps on the zopim chat in lower right of your account interface.
Thank You for using
Site now has a chat box. New theme in soon
Published on 11-12-2013
Sorry that there has not been much news lately. The site has been undergoing much work with a new skin and payment system coming very soon. 

The "My Account" page now has a chat box for users to chat live. 

We now have a new offer provider.
Published on 22-11-2013
We have gone with Matomy for offers. These are a chance to earn big PED! Please note all offers have no affiliation with the website and we cannot provide support for them.
Site has finished moving to a new host
Published on 22-10-2013
We are now on a new dedicated server. The site is up and running again, sorry for the short downtime.