luke10:27:56pmyea i know how they work i had 100+ ped from vids but it just today it come up with it
Xilat10:28:54pmhmmm well then im not sure what to tell ya, sorry. I just tried closing my browser and opening the video again and ive not been asked to signup. sorry.
luke10:33:16pmyea i think i have to ask dbug maybe it something new
Xilat10:35:28pmWell i just tried all the videos and none of them asked me to signup for, my ped balance here increased too.
Xilat11:57:56amOnline on Calypso if anyone needs to withdraw
Dbug9:53:01pmno need to signup for videos
james lilswaylil12:18:52pmwhy cant i choose a pass word setting up my account
james lilswaylil12:20:00pmsay i can only use a-Z 0-9, i am and its still not letting me crate
Verlis 12:43:44pmI accidentally had a space in mine at the end of one
james lilswaylil12:45:25pmi'll try again but i dont thnink its that i try loads of diffrent ones
james lilswaylil12:49:45pmit worked... think it was my user name
james lilswaylil3:40:37pmwhat day and time are withdraws on ark about?
Verlis5:04:11pmWhenever u catch a rep online...ussually Dbug but shoshii I'd on Ark sometimes
Xilat8:11:32pmJames i will be on Ark tmrw doing some payouts. If you are on the discord channel you can pk me and let me know when ull be online tmrw and i will make sure to be available for you
james lilswaylil10:06:53pmok xilat, ty. i will be on most the day so i'll talk to you then what is ur discord?
Xilat10:22:20pmJames here is the discord if you dont have it: and my name there is the same XILAT
james lilswaylil10:23:46amtyvm
Xilat10:46:51amOnline @ Ark for withdraws
Pewrk5:57:17pmaanyone online for withdrawl on caly?
bob4:42:21amhello. how long does it usualy take once you ask for a withdrawal?
Verlis8:55:03amHey Bob typical not very long at all. U can find reps in the discord channel as well
Acronoid2:38:37pmanyone available for redraw?
Acronoid2:41:12pmon calypso?
Acronoid3:12:22pmso no'one is online on calypso?
Sliger7:29:07pmTry asking in discord
Dbug6:48:45pmWe reach out to you if you have placed a withdrawl also
Dbug6:48:58pmi was online caly earlier today but been out since
Dbug6:49:05pmjust getting back online if your around
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