trcarter10:25:38pmHey all, remember to make things easier for us reps and come send me a message on when you want to get paid, I spend most of my day on here so should be able to get you paid quicker
minexorek2:31:02pmyea so the worst is that engageme don't work in my country
Nordmann3:42:43pmHave watched video through most part off the day and earmed 1,5 pec??? what am i doing wrong? using chrome btw and tried mozilla and explorer also before
trcarter9:35:45pmHey Nordmann, best thing i can suggest is when the videos start, drag that window out onto its own but dont minimize it, that will pause the videos and you wont get paid
trcarter9:36:49pm@minexorek - wow that really sucks... the surveys still pay quite well but you just need to be more active which takes time away from the game... the other good way I found to get peds is to download the games and reach the lvl required... then take a screen print as proof
trcarter9:44:13pmHey all, it looks like the discord channel is really working well to help people get paid their peds, so remember to come have a look so you can see when Me and the other reps are online to make payments easier for you guys
trcarter9:44:25pmHappy hunting = Discord -
Dbug7:30:41amSeems Last few days radio has been down at EP.
Dbug7:30:55amWelcome EP users.
Alecta8:07:21amtell me about it. the damn slego gone music was the only sure shot way ped came in my location. just have to try luck with survey now.
Alecta8:08:31ambtw. sayso still hates me both on ep and here. 0 surveys so far
trcarter12:51:36pmHey all you pedders out there!!! dont forget the discord chanel!!! it really helps to get you paid
trcarter9:48:52pmmorning all, ill be on discord
trcarter9:50:59pmTo make a withdrawal request on discord, go to the #PedWithdrawRequest and say "Hi, can I please make a withdrawal?" and the reps will be able to follow up with you... also the please is very important
Alecta1:42:19pmSo any1 got any idea on how to go about this super rewards pec not being credited. i did a 336 pec one and it didn't get credited in the past 4 hours
trcarter11:59:47pm@Alecta - Good
morning, Superrewards is usually fairly good, one of the better ones, all I can suggest is to raise a support claim, and take screen prints of the finished offer... unfortunately pedtoclick isnt involved in their support claims.... also i find surveys pay really well
Alecta1:23:32amThanks for
the advice will follow through
bmwgreen1:47:25amascend media offer wall is currently down to me hopefully fixing the bugginess of the last few days
trcarter4:19:06amHey all remember the best way to get into contact with me in through the discord chanel...
Alecta4:35:53amSo i just made 2 peds total so far sin jan. is it like ok or too low?
trcarter6:32:00am@Alecta - depends where your from... can you get the videos?
trcarter10:28:18pmGood morning all, im up and awake... but not spiritually here... some real sleep would be nice... if you need payments you can reach me on the discord chanel
Alecta11:51:08amnope. no videos. sadly the only survey that i got and completed went down the drain. 3.36 peds
C3rberu510:34:02pmanyone online thats paying out??
trcarter6:44:27amHey C3rberu5, i got your discord request but i missed you online, i sent you a friend request ingame so when your on again ill log in
trcarter11:11:57pmAND!!!! another win for the discord chat!!!! dont forget to invite any pedtoclick mates you have to it... anyone can invite
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