Sllik6:28:54pmim watching vidoes and not receiving any credit
Sllik6:30:34pmdo i have to use a certain browser?? help
Sllik6:38:34pmi've switched from edge/firefox/chrome nothing
Axelarus1:29:32pmi am having the same problem with the videos anyone know whats up?
cerealkiller (Rep - Ark)3:09:19pmidk guys mine is working just fine im almost back up to 40 since my last withdraw like 2 weeks ago
Cyra2:51:15am@cerealkiller (Rep - Ark) - Hey I just requested a withdraw will you be able to help? im on ark.
cerealkiller (Rep - Ark)2:44:09pmdone and done cyra ty for following directions
Axelarus11:19:07amis anyone on at caly to help with withdrawals??
Axelarus 11:30:39amis anyone on at caly that can help
Axelarus 11:42:59am@trcarter (Rep - Caly) - would you be available to help with a withdrawal its fine if cant though
Cyra1:48:57pm@Axelarus - Try the discord
Axelarus 2:07:56pmi put a message up there thanks
CApp6:21:55pmi cant regisste ,beacause "image Verification" is not loaded.what's wrong?
Dbug9:37:58am@Capp, try using chrome browser it works better
Dbug9:23:49pmchrome://flags/#autoplay-policy - this is very good to set to no user gesture required to help videos keep playing
Robin5:14:06pmI can't register, there is no image verification...
Robin5:14:41pmI'm using chrome...
Patience5:01:03pmanyone on ark for a payout? not sure if im meant to ask here or not
trcarter (Rep - Caly)7:59:12amGood afternoon all, discord has been a little quite so if your looking for reps, easiest to reach them on Discord at
cerealkiller (Rep - Ark)5:19:42pmpatience don't you fly the kronan? i do too the place to ask is in an in game letter to me
Patience5:30:00pmyeah I fly kronan buddy, got you pm in-game anyway
Neco6:46:48pmI applied for withdrawal. When will I be contacted?
Erich Le Zann7:10:39pmYour best bet is to go to the discord and mention the withdraw in the planet channel you want to get the peds at
Erich Le Zann7:10:46pmIt takes longer if you just submit the request and wait
Erich Le Zann7:11:02pmSometimes they can get right to you, sometimes it might take some hours, depends on which payment reps are on
trcarter (Rep - Caly)9:34:07pm@neco, jump on the discord and message a rep direct. im not on this chat very often
trcarter (Rep - Caly)9:34:47pm
trcarter (Rep - Caly)9:35:52pmalso remember a lot of the reps will be in different timezones to you. for example im in australia so im at +8.00 where if your in america in NY your about 13 hours behind me
Dbug11:00:59pm@neco enjoy your peds
Howard7:18:40am@trcarter (Rep - Caly) - how can I apply to be a rep GMT time zone
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