Knuckles12:19:25pmDo you know da wae?
Aldred6:29:35pmOK! Image sertification is officially dead! XD
Aldred6:52:00pmWell the image verification was: you need to write "https://", but the image upside down was broke too :/
Knuckle6:53:45pmAldred knows da wae, follow him
Aldred7:10:03pmOne another worked well
Aldred7:10:19pmI no da wae and folo it!
Dbug9:50:10amWe are looking at a issue effecting some browsers on the sigh up verification image
Goober Baloober7:25:05pmAnyone else not getting anything from the video wall?
Goober Baloober7:27:20pmLike literally 0 pec
cerealkiller (Rep - Ark)9:37:02pmyes i am having same problem watch for hours and no payout which is weird because it was paying great yesterday
Goober Baloober9:47:51pmok glad it's not just me
Goober Baloober9:47:56pmSucks anyhow
vinny11:16:33pmit worked for me im using chrome if that helps
Timber12:34:24pmMine's been like that for a week
Timber12:34:34pmtried on both firefox and chrome
meat eating vegan4:42:53pmYeah it's a pain, I feel like I'm losing a lot of PED waiting for it to be fixed
Kimlon12:24:08amTry it on your phone. I was able to create an account just fine on there
meat eating vegan3:16:27amIt just stays stuck on 0 out of 3 videos watched, very frustrating.
Aldred2:57:03amI don't even see videos, so good for you :/
Aldred2:58:28amI only can do PTC wall, sometimes and even less time superreward
Slapper2:40:30amAdverts are back
spegasusd3:06:19pmThe video wall is hit and miss for me mostly miss since the format changed
Fluff dog7:35:27pmYeah yesterday was no good for me but this morning is fine. i was putting it down to my connection but i wouldn't have a clue as to whats the factors.
Fluff dog7:36:34pmtake the good with the bad. free cash for game so who can complain.
cerealkiller (Rep - Ark)9:43:18pmnormally everyone lol
Aldred4:07:48amI requested a withdraw 4 days ago... it's still pending
cerealkiller (Rep - Ark)10:58:20amand it will stay pending for months unless you contact a payment rep myself for ark (light cerealkiller revant) the boss (fire dbug fly) or carter (cant recall his exact avatar name lol) for caly
Aldred12:30:31pmI see, then when I get to caly I'll do it thx
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