trcarter8:19:54pmMorning all , looging in
trcarter8:20:15pmwill be floating around for most of today as well, so make the withdraw request and ill follow up ingame
Spaz MAcgee9:18:45pmLet me know where to meet up with you :-)
Alex10:22:51pmAnyone on for Withdrawals?
Sliger10:31:57pmAnyone available for withdraw on Ark?
trcarter8:18:49amsorry all was out to dinner logging back in
trcarter8:18:55amonline at caly
Dbug10:32:18am@sliger, that would be Cereal Killer.
you can shoot him a message in game.
full name is listed on payment reps page
Ysurone11:36:31amanyone on ark available right now?
Sliger5:13:38pmThanks Dbug!
Sin 8:13:15pmanyone able to do a withdrawal on caly?
Knox2:30:18amMan its getting annoying with how many of the ads don't pay out
trcarter3:01:11amMorning all ill be logging in shortly
Sin3:29:43amhit me up ingame if youre available to do a payout im on caly now
Spaz3:36:41amHaving issues logging in - keeps telling me the se3rvers are ofline or I have been disconnected
Spaz3:44:36am@trcarter - where do I need to meet you?
Knox4:24:20amHey Trcarter, I did the ad for 130pec roughly 2 hours ago and was wondering how that process words since it didn't ask you to make an account to do what was needed
Knox7:23:15amVikings: war of clans trailer +18pec doesn't pay out, even played to level 5
Dbug7:27:25ammost offers take a little time to credit from the provider.
Dbug7:27:42amif there is an issue you can place a support request with the offerwall provider directly
Knox7:30:10amI have waited longer then the given time displayed in the tabs the offer is in
Dbug8:15:08amthen you should file a support case and provide all proofs of completionunfortunatly crediting conversion is not up to us.
Dbug8:15:23amplease use the respective offerwall where the offer was completed
dbug12:44:09pmonline @ Caly
trcarter12:52:09amHey all ive been away from home over the last few days ill be logging in about 6 hours for payments. Australian night time. NY daytime. if you need payments for Caly ill be hovering around icaurs. Make the withdrawal and ill message you in game
trcarter12:54:06amHey Dbug, i just got a capture from the videos. is that going to be a regular thing?
Dbug10:21:24amthats part of their system.
ive seen em a few times and should not be a issue for real people
dbug8:25:32pmwhat planet alex
DementedGaz 12:43:47amdid you guys get rid of the lottery from videos?
DementedGaz 2:31:45amnvm
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