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How to make an Advertisement on PEDToClick.Com

Started by Russiafreak233 2014-08-17 at 16:37
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PEDToClick are always searching for more advertisers!
Have you ever wanted, to promote your blog/refferal link/site/anything in a cheap and efficient way?
Now you have the chance to do so!
(Explicit material will of course not be accepted, and will lead to a permanet ban from PEDToClick.Com)

Making a PTC ad can be tricky the first time, but quite simple when you get the hang of it.

Step 1: Make funds available in your account.
This can be done by PayPal or simply by converting your PED balance into dollars (Cannot be withdrawn after it has been converted!).
To convert PED into advertising dollars is simple: Go to "Account" and press the "Add Funds" -button, located in your Quick Stats. As method of payment, chose "Account Balance", and say how many dollars you would like to have. Example: You want to have 1 dollar to buy advertisement credits for. Simply put "1.00" into the "Amount"-box, then press send and the Confirmation box. This of course requires, that you have 10 or more PED on you account. You will now have advertersing dollars, ready to go!

Step 2: Chose and buy preffered advertising Credits.
All right, this is done quickly. Simply chose how many advertisng credits you want (1 credit in most instances equals 1 view of your ad, BUT see the last paragraph for more info!), and press "Buy Now!". Once again, you will see a Confirmation Message, and you should proceed.
You now have Advertising Credits!

Step 3,1: Make the advertisement.
Here comes the trickiest part of the whole process, which you should be able to learn quite fast.
To create your advertisement, go to "Account", then press the "Advertising"-button. You will be taken to your advertiser panel, where you can manage and control all your advertisements easily.
To create a new one, at the top of the management-panel chose the option for which you have just bought credits (PTC Ads, Banner Ads and Featured Text/Link Ads.), then press the "Click here to add a new advertisement" option.
Here you can set the title, a subtitle, the URL you would like to promote, and so on.
For PTC Ads, you will also have the option to chose which nations that can see your advertisement, and how many times your ad can be clicked each day, all users combined ( Each user can click each ad a maximum of 1 time, every 24 hours). Most importantly, you can chose what amount of time your ad will have to be seen to actually pay out. The most normal here is the option to pay people 1 PEC for 5 seconds.
Now you are VERY close to being done! All you have to do, is clicking "Send", and allocating funds to your ad. This is done on your Advertiser Panel.

Step 3,2: Allocate funds to your advertisement.

Find your ad. Find the option called "allocate", on the right-most part of each individual advertisement.
Here, you can see how many credits you have to allocate, and chose how much you want to spend on the particular ad. You can also see how many Credits it will cost you, to get a particular amount of clicks on your link.
In this example, let us say you have 500 credits (500 PEC people can earn), and you have chosen the most normal option of paying each user 1 PEC for them to spend 5 seconds on your promoted link. Then, in the "Credits to allocate" box you will write 500, your cost is 500 and you click "Allocate" on the bottom of the menu. PRESTO: You have now created an advertisement on PEDToClick.Com that will be clicked 500 times, and award users 1 PEC each time. Congrats, you are now done!

(TIP: This step will be easier understand if your think of your CREDITS as PEC people can earn)
There is also an option for advertisers to require users to spend MORE than just 5 seconds on your provided link. You will also have the option to require 15 (paying each user 5 PEC), 30 (10 PEC), 45 (15 PEC), 60 (20 PEC) or 180 seconds (100 PEC) on your site, before they get rewarded.
Let us say, that you are not satisfied with the first option (5 seconds for 1 PEC), and instead you want each user to spend 15 seconds on your site, to be awarded 5 PEC.
Now, you need to allocate credits to your ad. Chosing the 15 Sec/5 PEC-option, you will only be able to get 100 views, instead of 500 in the earlier example.
Why? Because each Advertising Credit, is equal to 1 PEC of user rewards. You have 500 Credits/PEC to spend, have chosen to pay each click 5 PEC, and thusly will only be able to get 100 Clicks for 500 Credits/PEC.
Should you chose to display your advertisement for 30 seconds, and pay people 10 PEC, your 500 Credits will only give you 50 Clicks and so on.

If you want to get the most out of your advertisement, you might want to consider chosing one of the options where users spend more time on your site. It will give you fewer "Clicks" per Credit, so you should consider buying a bigger bunch of Advertiser Credits, as this is will save you up to 20%!

Please, feel free to ask if you happen to have any questions. Please remember, that I am not a native english speaker, so some parts of my explanation might not be as clear for you, as I think they might be, haha. :)
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There is one more way to pay for the Advertising Credits.
This is mainly for if do not have the required balance in your PEDToClick account, and do not want to pay via. PayPal.

Then you can simply give the required amount of PED to me, Marcus Russiafreak233 Lucius, within the game. Then, we can either do it so that you get the credits on your account, and handle the rest yourself. OR, if you are very lucky, and ask nicely, I can handle it all.

Simply give me the link you wish to promote, what you wish to title it etc. and I will get it done in a jiffy.

I want to stress, that as of now, you can only do this with ME, Marcus Russiafreak233 Lucius, and not other characters.

You can approach me about this option any time you see me online; and feel free to add me to your friendslist. :)
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