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PTC Wall Guide for PTCWall Ads

Started by GymmyEU 2015-06-17 at 08:04
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Welcome to the guide to help you use the PTC Wall Ads section efficiently and properly.

First off you want to click on the Earn Ped link at the top of the site.

Then click on the PTCWALL box from the Earn Ped page.

Next you will see the PTC Wall section with tabs for Ads, Quick tasks and Network offers. It will start you on the Ads tab when you get there. There will be a pop up ad from this wall, just close the little window and then you will see the Ads section wall looking something like this.

Ok so now you want to start earning ped right, so click the blue header for the ad, each ad will have a little picture for what its about but I always click on the blue header.

Once you click the header it will open up a new window, you must stay on this window while a timer counts down, it will look like a progress bar. Once it finishes its ad time, you will see 5 icons appear, this is your bot check, they want to make sure you are a real person. One of those 5 icon pics will be upside down, that is the one you must click to get paid. If you click the wrong one refresh the page using F5 or your browser refresh button and you can have another go, you wont get paid twice though, this is only if you mess up and hit the wrong verification icon.

This is the important part. After you have clicked the verification they will show a little green checkmark showing you verified, it happens fast so you might miss it, but the page will reload on its own after verifying but this time without the PEDtoClick bot check header on the page. If you have made it that far then you've got your ped and can close the window and move onto another ad.

Here are a few examples.

now youll also notice the ads have different values.

0.00056 ped
0.000224 ped
0.000112 ped

the values are this way to show the USD value in ped and are a little confusing, basically youll get better pay from the longer view ads.
0.00056 ped = 0.56 pec from the site
0.000224 ped = 0.224 pec
0.000112 ped = 0.112 pec

so every 2 ads, 5 ads and 9 ads respectively you'll get 1 pec.

the ads refresh every 24 hours, so try to do it at the same time everyday and youll be just fine. It usually takes me about 20 minutes or so to go through them all.

I hope this helps make your experience easy and painless when using this valuable offerwall. Now make some ped and go kill some mobs
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What a wonderful Guide.


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seriously, get out there and HUNT HUNT HUNT, or whatever you like to do. make ped here and enjoy Entropia in all its glory
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