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Mobile Offers on OfferWalls

Started by dbug 2015-06-21 at 08:43
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Hello again Fellow PedtoClick Users

When i get some good Mobile offer examples ill be posting more specific guides here.

But for the Basics. Here Goes!

1.Locate an offer on any of the offerwalls thats indicating its a MOBILE only offer.
2.Start the offer which generally launches a pager where you can Email yourself the download link for the app.
3.Open the email on your smartphone or tablet
4.Click the App Download which will open the appropriate APP store for your device
5.Install the app.

Some mobile offers require only that you install and launch, other require that you use them for a little like reaching level 3 before you will be paid. Be sure to read the description details of the offer as well as the approximate time for payment. its usually instant but some offers say reports on a 1 hour -2 hour delay etc.