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Started by dbug 2015-08-12 at 05:29
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We are very proud to announce that we have successfully released Offer-wall to our users. Its release on 8-1-2015 has been a great success. I will be building some guides for How to complete your profile and how to earn the most ped from the offers.
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I have now done 5 surveys and got them all to over 50% finished... then the page wont load and then transfers me to another page and says i dont meet the requirement for this survey.

Im getting really tired of the waste of my time for your surveys.

Please implement a partial payment for the % of the survey done... or I just wont waste my time with them any more.

it just feels like this....
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stil no reply on this cause this happens to me ALL the time as well
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Dear Users,

please note that we do not control the verification used by the personly provider team.

we have implemented a partial payment incentive for you to continue your efforts on surveys.

we are working hard on getting some videos up so please stand by for these.


The pre-qualifier screener at the beginning of many of these surveys may disqualify you if you don't match the criteria they are looking for.

learned when it looks like a pre-qualifier vs the actual survey portion. its hard but comes with some experience of doing multiple surveys. you will find most of the providers use the same pre-qualification screener questions.

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I also have been over 50% thru the surveys, one recently for the Beatuy and the Beast movie at 90% then cut off!...Seems like you complete the info they want then they say well we got what we want now we reject you and keep your answers!

I also have done at least 3 of the app games which no credit was received.

Personaly im done with

The other stuff it great however guys.